How To Conquer The Fear Of Losses

How To Conquer The Fear Of Losses


If you fear Taking a risk in-life you will take no steps. People do not want to lose what they have at the expense of what they want. In life, you must be ready to lose to gain.

It is better to die making efforts than to be alive and seated as a failure. There is a story of for lepers in second Kings 7:3-16, who Were in  Samaria as the time that Assyrians besieged the city and there was a great famine in the land.  They called Themselves Into a meeting, and one of them said, This is death staring us in the face,  we must do something. Another said, If We stay here We will starve to death. If we go camping of  Assyrians, they may see us as mere Lepers and show us mercy, but Even if they kill us,  it is better to die in motion and receive a credit for dying in active service than to die here doing nothing. So they are agreed and signed the communique that they should arise and go to the camp of Assyrians. The Mystery Of Little Beginning In Life

As they were going, God arose on their behalf and made their footsteps to sound like the noise of chariots and horses. The Assyrian soldiers heard it and fled from their camp, leaving everything behind. When the lepers got there, they found food in abundance, and plenty of God and expensive garments.  after they had eaten and taken as much as they wanted, they broke the news to the king house that they had found food and your whole city safe from siege and famine,  just because some  weak  lepers decided to take a step despite the risk involved

Rather than considering what you might lose for taking a step forward consider what you stand to gain remember that where you are, today is what you would have lost if you did not take a step yesterday do not let the fear of losers rob you on the potential of tomorrow What Are The Benefit Of Small Beginning In Life

How To Conquer Fear Of Being different

Until you stand out crowd, you do not become outstanding. Stop accepting the status of where you are today god created you as a unique being for you to make a difference on the earth.

Everyone who seeks to go along with others because he wants to please them never matters. You must be ready to be different if you want to make a difference. How To Understand The Ultimate Power Of  Growth Mindset

Have you ever seen any plane landing in the direction of the wind? They are always moving against the wind. When you try to stand out, you may find yourself standing alone at first, but when you begin to affect even your mocker will seek to join.

Concern for public opinion has been the bane of many people. What will hasten if I try doing something else? If you fear criticism, you will never do anything.

When Kenneth Hagin Begin to preach faith, people were spitting in his face, but see what effect affect message at all over the world today. It is normal for the public to criticize someone who wants to make a difference in society but remember that often criticism is equal to publicity. lifehack

Drop your fears, embrace change and move forward. believe me or not there is no limit to what you can achieve in life. People will say to you that you can’t succeed,  believe it or not, the same people will come back to you when you succeed and say to you  I know you can make it that is why we keep saying those word to motivate you and inspire you, my brother, my sister you can make it. You can be successfully don’t settle for less when you can do more. I believe you can. motivation

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