The Joy of Growing

The Joy of Growing


When you begin small, you are like a farmer who puts his seed in the ground, and by the third day, he sees the blade shooting out of the  ground. After one week, the ear of corn comes out, and he is happy. in the same way, you have the immense joy of observing your growth when you begin small. Do you know that if you are given a house as a gift, it won’t excite you as much as the one you build by yourself? That is why people say that what you labor for. You don’t spend; you instead invest it. Progress is guaranteed for every small beginning. Even if it is an inch at a time,  you are moving forward, and soon, You will gain more speed to you begin to fly. You may start small, but you never end small. do you know that. Lifehack

Stress-Free Progress

Height is obtained step by step not in one big leap. You will agree with me that working or climbing up one step at a time is much easier than trying to jump up .  when your body is in motion; one leg is resting while the other is working and vice versa. That way you don’t suffer stress or strain,  because your progress is evenly distributed over some time. Getmotivation

Somebody else may say I can do all things through Christ“ And then as he is speaking in tongue, sit starts attempting to get to the top in one stride.  particularly when people are washing and he wants to impress them. assuming he has four steps to climb to get to where he is going, he now put one leg on the first step and a second leg on the last one. that is like trying to do at once what should be done in four phases. in the process, he is not able to pull himself up, because its weight is not evenly distributed, so he remained stranded on the same spot and when he can’t bear the strain anymore, he will collapse to the ground. while he is struggling with that, somebody else who is smaller than him Take one step at a time and make the journey ten times over without feeling the strain. people who attempt to carry what is bigger than their head only succeeds in giving themselves hypertension and high blood pressure.  12 Most Important Milestones in Life to Grow Through

Apart from all the benefits listed above those who take courage to start small cheaply overcome idleness and the weariness of waiting for the big. rather than waiting for the big hit,  they work it out and hit it big. it is my prayer that you will begin to see the trees you desire in the seed that is in your hand. no matter how small it is, sow it by taking a step from where you are. How To Conquer The Fear Of Losses


  • Be Joyful

Look into the future with joy. God told Abraham in Genesis 13:14-15 Look around from where you are, to the north and south, to the east and west. 15 All the land that you see I will give to you and your offspring[a] forever.

God did not say, Look at where you, It said look from the place where you are” to the place ahead of you. If you consider where you are, you remain to discourage. Great people in life see beyond where they are. They are never bothered about what is around them. they are only concerned about where they are going and as they see it drawing nearer, their joy increase. They don’t see the mockery of today, the only see the crown waiting ahead. the ultimate end is what catches their attention. How to Increase Your Self Awareness to Be Much More Successful

You will not always be doing what you are doing now. What you are doing now is only a  stepping stone the greater things awaiting you tomorrow. every day of your life is a passage and it takes joy for you to pass through from one stage to the other. That means, when you lack joy, you stay put. Motivation

Foundations will always take some time to build, but the tonic of endurance is the joy. When quenching your joy, you stop enduring and only those who endure to the end receive the crown.  joyous people naturally have unusual abilities for endurance. That is why with joy, you are able to endure what other people call suffering. And so after you become great, you are able to remain level headed because of discipline that has been worked into you through endurance. It is only what you have never lacked that make your head swell when you get it. So whatever you lack in the period of your small beginning, endure it with joy, because you will soon have it in abundance. How To Understand The Ultimate Power Of  Growth Mindset

Can you imagine that level of abundance? as unimportant as dust and stone are you now, that is how gold will be to you in the near future. So, be joyful,  will soon get there. for with joy, you shall draw water out of the well of progress. The Power of Your Why


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