The Power Of Adventure

The Power Of Adventure


Life is dynamic. Things are changing every day and the key way to keep making progress is to keep adding to what you have already done. Been adventurous is an avenue of maintaining progress. I regard the word “ adventure “ as a compound word which is spelt “add-venture.” Venture” produced the events and circumstances around you now, and if you must increase or go forward, you must “add” to your “venture. “ Life is made for venturing. it becomes frustrating when you stop striving for something higher.

The reason we have had many successes that are no longer relevant today is that men stopped adding to what them. Our world is moving. The way people think twenty years ago is not the way we think about today. Only those who keep venturing to maintain the lead. Life hack

Those who stand out in every realm of life, whether spiritual, scientific, technological or medical, are those who keep going when others get tired. Through adventure, they develop on their successes and that of others. God sent you to this earth to add something to life, so do not be satisfied with where you are. Be adventurous, try something new. Dare to take steps beyond where others have stopped in your profession. motivation


1.      You Need courage

A basic requirement for adventure is courage. That is what makes you very daring and curious. Some people are so scared of change that they do not even listen to the voices of trends and sound reason, but a courageous man listens to anything that will bring progress and increase.

2.      Have Foresight

You must also have foresight, which is the best ability to see into unknown. What you see, you will normally stretch to take. The reason many are not stretching is that they are seeing nothing ahead of them. No matter where you have reached today, it is still a transit position, not the terminus. So, look ahead, if you must move ahead. getmotivation

3.     Be Informed

A resourceful adventure is fueled by information.

Be current and up-to-date about developments in your field of endeavour. Information puts you in charge of times and seasons. Be updated

Information opens you to new possibilities. Insights have a way of injecting fire into an adventurous soul. When you stay current, your society appreciates and embraces you, because your efficiency is improved and your products or services will be obviously better than that of others who don’t know what you know. Perfect Way To Gather Useful Information In Life

New technologies emerge every day. Now, there is a new, better and easier way of getting things done. You cannot expect to practice your profession today the way it was done thirty years ago. As a matter of fact, the degree you acquired twenty years ago can probably only be equated with a diploma today, by reason of advancement. if you do not want to become obsolete and left behind, go for information.  What Are The Benefit Of Small Beginning In Life

Some enterprises have crashed because the operator did not know enough about the job. That you have the tools does not mean that you know the job.    Every tool goes with training.T he military does not award rank according to the size of a solder’s muscles. Before every promotion, there is a training season. So when any soldier is not sent on training for a long period of time, he will be wearing the same rank for many years. Your own kind of promotion may not come with wearing a special uniform or new ranks, but it is much the same. You must be trained to reign in life.

People are crippled and stagnated in life most often because they are not informed. How To Conquer The Fear Of Losses


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