How To Understand The Ultimate Power Of  Growth Mindset

How To Understand The Ultimate Power Of  Growth Mindset


Growth is a process, not an accidental occurrence. Those Who want to escape the process of growth remain as dwarfs. You can’t do without exercise if perfection is your goal. we teach faith;  we teach that you should look forward to big things. but I want you to understand that while you are waiting for the fulfilment of the big things, you must exercise yourself in small things. the vision of church painting that God gave to ministry is that of a very mighty house with great crowds flocking in from everywhere, but while we were waiting for the appointed time of that vision, we engage ourselves with the little we had.


Starting small does not destroy your vision for greatness either does it mean that you are slow or indolent.  every vision is great but the route does its achievement must begin from somewhere. when the angel of the Lord appeared to mary before the birth of Jesus he told her, behold thou shall conceive in the womb and bring forth a son and shalt call his name  JESUS.H e shall be great, I shall be called son of the highest and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever and of his kingdom  there shall be no end.  for more visit Careersgrade


This was God’s plan for Jesus, but he had to start as a baby. He came to deliver the whole world, but it begins as a tiny baby. your small beginning does not mean you should doubt your greatness; it only means that you are exercising yourself towards it. Any vision is not started becomes abandoned and when vision is not realized, it leads to frustration. To begin small and be able to continue to the end is the mark of progress.  those who don’t want to begin with small have no end.The Mystery Of Little Beginning In Life


There’s nothing wrong thinking great.  I think and talk about greatness, but I believe in little steps. You are permitted to talk about greatness, yet you have no choice, but to start from where you are today . you brain can think about greatness. Your mouth can talk about it because as you see it the eyes of your mind, you work toward it patiently with your feet.  keep your eyes fixed in the vision, but let your hand begin to work it now. How To Conquer The Fear Of Losses

 What Are The Process Of Growth

Greatness is employed.  the potential is there but the realization is a process.  every living thing goes through a process of growth. you don’t jump up, rather you grow up. everyone who jumped up must come down.  no matter how high up he does, the force of gravity will pull him down,  but when you grow up you stay up.Perfect Way To Gather Useful Information In Life

your child can stand on a chair beside you and say to you ‘Daddy I am taller than you.  But when you leave that spot and he wants to follow you he has to come down from his chair work on is feet,  Then you ask him, Where is your former height?  it is done because the climbed up,  so he had to come down. but wait till he is about sixteen years old, he has grown taller than you. Then, there will be no method you can use to put him down, because we grow up to that height, he did not fake it.  many people don’t want to follow the process of greatness.  That is why the law of gravity, both social and spiritual brings them down after they seem to have gone up. Nothing is a stable process of growth. Once you grow into a position, no devil can bring you down from there. stop jumping, and start growing. The Power Of Adventure

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