When you make a mistake, accept it and move on

When you make a mistake, accept it and move on.

When I am wrong, make me easy to change, and when I am right, make me wash to live with. This is a good philosophy to live by.

Some people live and learn while others live and never learn. Mistakes are to be learning from. The greatest mistake a person can make is to repeat it. Don’t assign blame and make excuses. Don’t dwell on It.

When you realize your mistake, it is a good idea to accept responsibility for it and apologize. Don’t defend it.  Why? Acceptance disarms the other person.

Discuss but don’t argue

An argument can be avoided and a lot of heartaches prevented by being a little careful. The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. An argument is one thing you will never win. If you win, you lose, if you lose, you lose. If you win an argument but lose a good job, customer, friend or marriage, what kind of victory is it? Pretty empty. Argument result from inflates ego.

Arguing is like fighting a losing battle. Even if one wins, the cost may be more than the victory is worth. The emotional battle leaves a residual ill will even if you win.

In an argument, both people are trying to have the last more. An argument is nothing more than a battle of egos and results in a yelling contest. A bigger fool than the one who knows it is the one argues with him!

Is it worth it?

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